I Can Finally Pee Against A Tree, August 2023
Acrylic and clay on wooden panel finished with varnish
50 x 60 cm

Using painting primarily as the main medium often results in two dimensional work.
I want to explore the conflict between two demensional and three demensional work while I still using painting as the main medium.
This is how I came to the idea of sawing the shape of a dog from a piece of wood in a rather "childlike" way. In this way, the surface I am working on has already acquired a defining shape that is not square.
This already provides a little more depth to the work but also not quite because the shape is not very realistic.
So I chose to paint an almost human body, within the shape of the dog so that I can seek in this way the conflict between two dimensional and three dimensional work, where painting is still the main medium.
To experiment with additional layering, I made the bones in the back and on the tail out of clay.
So I consider this work more of an experiment.

© Kelly Christogiannis