Bloesem Vintage x Kelly Christogiannis
Hand Painted Leather Jackets 

May 2024
Leather Paint on Leather Jackets

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I Don’t Share My Flowers With You

I Quit Smoking

Hiding in the Bush Bush

On a Mountain in a Bush

Driving By Night On Fragile Tires

Crying Clouds

Morning Dew

The Lost Pin Hat

Residence ηλίαση, (Heatstroke), July 2023
Heraklion, Crete, Greece

μάγκας (Tough Guy)
Acrylics on linen, finished with varnish
30 x 30 cm

As a fisherman you work all day and all night. We had already been at sea for two weeks, the sun was bright and the drinking water was running out. The reflection of the sun in the water caused us blindness and a sunstroke. The sunscreen had fallen into Neptune's palace along with all the other plastics that had ended up at the bottom of the sea. Suddenly the fisherman saw colors and creatures he had never seen before, not even in Greek Mythology.

Luna Carbone writes:

“Every mother loves their Mánkas. You know how everyone has that part of their body they really like? That part you wouldn’t change even if you were a millionaire and could have all the plastic surgery? Well mine is my neck. Ilove its folds, three is a magic number. I like the way the hairs get all bunched up and form spheres like miniature cat hairballs. So cute! It’s really convenient to store things in, like spare keys, prayer beads and those tiny easter eggs. But sometimes they melt in the heat and I have to get my nieces and nephews pick out the bits of foil with tweezers.”

© Kelly Christogiannis